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For best results on the performance of our products, we conducted a rigorous monitoring of all phases of production. This process leads to the careful and individual selection of each and every one of the hams and pallets, with the goal of quality assurance for our customers.

The curing and maturation process is lengthy and careful, and for the same blend traditional craftsmanship with the modern media, thus preserving the quality of products.

Our commitment is to offer the best quality in all our products and services, care and control all processes, ensuring secure the uniqueness in the products we are proud to market.

During the process of salting, drying and aging, our experts take care of getting the excellent qualities of aroma, flavor and texture that make the products of the Iberian pig cured one of the greatest exponents of world cuisine.

To guarantee the best service, we offer a customized business management from our headquarters in Barcelona, from which we can offer solutions for each sector: traditional markets, hotels, retailing and distribution, export, etc ...

We make available our extensive experience to advise on the best suited to your needs, or explain in detail the characteristics of each product, to make your decision to choose a product fully satisfactory.

To complete your needs, we can perform special services, such as deboning, slicing and packaging the product, or guidance on the proper cutting of the ham.

We also offer a delivery service for products at any point in the geography you need. We want to ensure a service to match the quality product we offer.

Your satisfaction is our commitment.

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